Smart Home Innovations

Some of the things, originally proposed by AEC are here as reality today such as:

  • Mood Management => Settings (preset) of Music and lighting for Romance, Action, Quiet, etc., controlled from one’s cell phone,
  • Security => Monitoring and Control of Home and Business Security Systems from one’s cell phone,
  • Energy Efficiency => Control of HVAC, Washer, Dryer, Pool, Water Heater, etc. all from one’s cell phone.
  • Control Integration/Standardization => AEC/DaviSoft introduced the SHOE, in 1988 and INSTEON became the controls standard in 2006,
  • Standardized Wiring => Common wiring of CAT5e/CAT6 and the INSTEON standard simplified this,
  • Process/Appliance Control => Ability to start/stop/change appliance, HVAC, other devices and their control/process setting via Cellular device,
  • Cellular Control => See the items above.

With the advent on the “Smart Phone” apps can now interact with and control all “SMART” devices in one’s home.  In most cases software is needed in the “Desktop PC” to allow security and internet access to “allow” the inter-connectivity needed.


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