Company Promotions

Company Promotions

Have you ever been in this situation?  You are out at an event, soccer game, baseball game, restaurant, movie, conference, ie. whatever and meeting people.  You know you have to pass out your business card, run through your 5 sec, “Who we are” speech; and your are thinking, “These people do not want to hear this” and/or “I’m tired of doing this”, but you know you must; because you never know where your next contract or project will come from.

I think every honest executive has been there at least once, if not more than once.  You know that what you are about to say will almost sound like boasting, and to some will, yet your job is promoting the company, so you must brag on the company and identify “Why Us” to all audiences.

Technology based companies, that are Geek based (talent/knowledge pool), more that product based companies, find this even more challenging.  Having performed the startup of over 12 such corporations myself, I have grown weary at times with the constant promotions.  Many count “hyping” as either a lie or mis-information, but true hyping (promotion with truth), especially hyping with “energy” is what company promotions are all about.

You also know, the more seasoned you are, that promotions, like sales, is a numbers game, muddling through all the “NOs” to get to the “YESes”.  So on you go, boring your friends, some new acquaintances, and most new potential clients.

Isn’t refreshing when you finally find that someone, who has a need of your services and either wants to discuss some points then and there, so set an appointment for further discussion.

So in between these refreshing times, how do you keep motivated, charged, and energized to not only be going yourself, but also as leader and therefore motivator of your staff, how do you find ways that are “So Motivating” that the energy you gain, rolls off to others?

I few of the ways I’ve found to do this are:

  • Associations:  You must have associations or relationships with other successful people outside of your company.  In your conversations you will exchange about overcoming difficulties and obstacles in promotions and internal problems of your company.  You will gain insights on how others persevered through all the crap that goes on in promotions and sales, to get to the next level for their companies.  Additionally you will learn better decision making skills and wisdom on “looking at the bottom line”.

    My favorite example of this, was getting to know the Carney brothers, previous owners of Pizza Hut.  Frank & Dan had started 16 businesses, before starting and succeeding with Pizza Hut.  When I’m down and think I’m not going to get the job done I remember their perseverance and then push on.

  • Faith:  A person of faith is much more app to both stay motivated and succeed than a person without faith.  Faith brings hope and when you read God’s Word that says “Everything you put your hand to will prosper!”, your motivation soars with the faith and hope of those words.

  • Priorities:  Perspective is gained through the “Right Priorities”*.  Once you have these right, you will not get as rattled or discouraged by other things happening around you.  I find the best priorities formula to be:

    • God 1st (According to Matthew 6:33 “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”),
    • Others 2nd (Keeping family at the top of this “Others” list),
    • Yourself last (You will have plenty of things to enjoy, blessings and rewards if these priorities are right).

  • Sources:  You need good sources of Inspiration.  Finding things or source that motivate you daily and weekly is critical to your leadership role.  If you are Inspired your team will be.  If you see your job of leadership clearly, you will lead naturally, not tyrannically.  If you know who you are and where you are going the vision and goals will be transferable to others.  Good sources will make you all that!

  *  Remember God and family in the right order are great motivators by themselves.
Hope this article help you is someway to become the leader you envisioned yourself to be!




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