To my old friend Brenda


You need the real truth about healthcare and need to understand why people are so upset, the News media on both sides are not covering the real story.

Yes you remember I was that SuperGeek, so I got involved and we got healthcare reform passed as PL 106-129 under Clinton and he signed our reform act into law on 12 Dec 1999, with effective turn-on date of 1 Jan 2001.  This would have cut the cost of healthcare to 50% of the 1998 costs now 1/6 th the current costs.  So as architect of the software and database system behind this I have first hand knowledge.

The bureaucrats, wanting control of Americas largest industry and needing “Socialized Medicine” to do so, stuffed this, squandered the money and you got not one dollar of benefit from the millions allocated and spent.  I personally was to get, in the first round of funding, $0.5 Million to develop the database, and $1.5M was allocated for the first round of process script development to give us medical practice algorithms which would first document a actions of healthcare professionals, second do away with errors on the part of practitioners, finally cut the cost of Malpractice insurance (the leading cost in medicine consuming over 75% of cost for each practitioner) to 20% (now 15%) of it’s existing rate.

See the problem is not the people or even the elected representatives, the bureaucracy (known as Civil Service) runs our government and they are not elected so do not respond to nor reflect the views of the people and they have consistently been making law, through their “policies”, which is a treasonous act, since the Constitution says “only Congress can make law”.

It is the treason of other agencies, branches, departments of our government that have been “making laws”, that have all us patriots upset.  The country I went into the Army and served for is no longer in existence, with us no longer having due process.

The liberals and news media backing the overthrow of our government are calling us patriots “right wing”, “extremists” and other labels, but the truth is we are just raising the battle cry of the forefathers saying:

No taxation without representation

So I hope you now know I have first hand knowledge that you are being lied to, as I helped form the bill that became PL 106-129.

To take back our government we need all people and patriots to back the referendums you will find at:

The one to take back our gov from the Civil Service bureaucracy is:

The one addressing this healthcare issue is:

Please read and reply to me through either one of my social networking sites at:



Make sure all your elected officials, regardless of political party, get a copy of the TR-01 for this needs to be implemented in gov at all levels from city upward, and let’s take back our country America, with the Constitution as law and government “for the people and by the people”.  Make sure they read it and tell you how they stand on it; and let’s vote out all those who oppose it.


Nyle Davis aka TBotNik, aka OldManRiver


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