About Me – Summary

Blog for TBotNik

World Renown Technologist

Leading the World with Extreme Edge Innovations in:

  • Industrial/Manufacturing,
  • IT/IS,
  • Investment Automation,
  • Knowledge Pools (Think Tank),
  • Recoveries & Risk Management,
  • Robotics,
  • Smart Home,
  • Software Automation, and
  • Technology Industry Trend Forecasts.

since 1978.

Welcome to the official site of Nyle E. Davis:

    AKA TBotNik, AKA OldManRiver, AKA Durwood


TBotNik: aka “The BotNik”   Def: “BotNik” => Total Robo Head or Total Robotics Enthusiast, Experimenter, Engineer or Designer.

With over 70 Patents Pending, in just Robotics, I earned this NICK.

I am still the worlds leading experimenter/innovator with my “Relax State” clutches (1983) still the industries leading contribution; enabling a true “HOME Robot” (1984), capable of all human actions.

OldManRiver:   Def: => From my name, started as CB Handle when I was 15.

Durwood:   Def: => Pen Name.

I, being human, have many facets so you may follow me on other matters on the other Blogs I own/run or Significant Links at:

or through navigation menu.




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